Alcoholic drinks


Alcoholic drinks

As is known, there are various kinds of alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks can be classified according to the fortress, the raw material from which they are made or the manufacturing process, as well as the method of use, geographic origin and so forth.

The most clear is perhaps the classification of the content of alcohol (beverage strength). Thus, numerous types of alcoholic drinks are divided into low alcohol and spirits. Thus the basic difference between them is that alcoholic drinks contain alcohol obtained by fermentation (beer, wine grape) and spirits — by distillation alembic.

For low-alcohol drinks include gin and tonics, beers, cocktails, grape wine, some liqueurs, tinctures and balms. As for the percentage of alcohol in the beverages, the precise boundaries do not exist. So, basically low alcoholic drinks are those in which the alcohol content does not exceed 20-22%. This percentage may vary depending on the rules that exist in a single country, and even reach 28%.

Spirits inherently contain a distillate obtained by the distillation of fermented alcohol solution (wort). In the process of distillation not only stands out alcohol and rises «degree» drink (% alcohol content), but is its enrichment of different volatile components and substances distilled mash.

Spirits — is aquavit, brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, liqueurs, rum, liqueurs and cordials some. They are produced in the world, respectively, availability of raw materials, climatic conditions and national traditions.

Anyway, all kinds of alcoholic drinks, and not very strong, accompany us on a daily basis. Employed what is called «at the time and place», spirits warm, helps to relax, have fun. In addition, alcoholic drinks also benefit because they can be used as a therapeutic agent (tinctures, salves).

But do not forget that there is a measure of consumption. Breaking it, you run the risk of their health. Therefore, drink in moderation and be healthy! Alcoholic drinks.