Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beveragesIn drawing up the menu festive table a lot of attention should be paid to proper feeding alcoholic beverages, so they go well with food, supplementing its taste. This is not possible without an understanding of what an aperitif and digestif — alcoholic beverages. That’s what I tell these concepts further.
Aperitif (from Lat. Aperīre — «open») — a group of alcoholic beverages, filed before eating. They stimulate the appetite and promote digestion. Aperitifs can be and soft drinks — a simple, mineral, soda water or acidic juices (orange, lemon, tomato, birch).
Alcoholic beverages, served as an appetizer:

  • absinthe;
  • champagne;
  • vermouth;
  • vodka;
  • beer;
  • sherry;
  • port;
  • whiskey;
  • Cognac (Armagnac);
  • gin;
  • strong (30-40%) alcoholic beverages cocktails.

All appetizers are divided into three groups:

  • single — consist of only one beverage;
  • combined — a few drinks are served at the same time;
  • mixed — specially prepared mixture (cocktails).

When selecting aperitifs recommend to remember the intricacies of the following:
not served hot, warm and sweet drinks;
the number of alcoholic beverages must awaken the appetite of the guests and not cause severe intoxication;
correctly choose an appetizer, for example, before the hot soup can not serve cold beer.
Digestif (from Lat. Digestivus — promoting digestion) — this alcoholic beverages, to help digest food. They put on the table at the end of the meal. Digestives — alcoholic beverages must be stronger than aperitifs. This is due to the fact that after a hearty lunch taste soft drinks normally not be seen. For soft drinks after eating include tea and coffee, but many experts distinguish them as a separate group.
Digestives may be — alcoholic beverages:

  • liqueurs and balms;
  • fortified and dessert wines;
  • grappa;
  • Calvados;
  • brandy;
  • whiskey;
  • cognac.

As you can see, the same alcoholic beverages are suitable both before and after a meal, but they can not be duplicated during a feast. Therefore, when choosing an aperitif and digestif should be guided by two simple rules:
light beverages are served as an aperitif, dark — as a digestive;
digestives should be stronger alcoholic beverages, than aperitifs.
Following these tips, you can easily pick the best alcoholic beverages. There is no uniform standard, refer to taste and imagination.