Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addictionStage of alcohol addiction. Total decided to allocate 3 stages of alcohol addiction and a step preceding the development depending on alcoholic beverages.
Prodromal (zero) stage — no signs of alcohol addiction, a person periodically to drink alcohol in the companies, while he rarely gets drunk to memory loss or other serious consequences. To control the amount of alcohol consumed, you can use a calculator alcohol, which shows the time required to complete sobriety.
At this stage of alcohol addiction is very easy to give up the drinking without feeling mental discomfort. Such a situation can be considered the norm for any healthy person, but it should be remembered that in everyday use of alcohol, the prodromal period passes in the first stage of alcohol addiction after 6-12 months, 3-6 months, men and women, that is, female alcoholism develops on average twice as fast.
The first stage of alcohol addiction — is characterized by the appearance of psychological dependence on alcohol. The man almost every day there are thoughts about drinking, mood rises in anticipation of taking alcohol, sober a feeling of dissatisfaction.
Also at this stage disappears vomiting in overdose of alcohol consumed, a person is able to take a lot more alcohol than before. There is a desire to justify their actions. In the first stage the average alcohol addiction last for 1-5 years. If a man takes no action for the treatment of alcohol dependence, this degree of flows in another, more complex stage.
The second stage of alcohol addiction — pathological attraction to alcohol occurs spontaneously, the ability to self-control drops sharply. In a drunken state man begins to behave unpredictably and even aggressive. In some cases, there may be alcoholic psychosis and hallucinations. The second stage lasts from 5 to 15 years, gradually leads to complete degradation and loss of creativity.
The third stage of alcohol addiction — at this stage there are irreversible changes in the psyche, the work of the internal organs (liver cirrhosis, hepatitis) and the nervous system. Completely lost situational control — a person no matter the place, the circumstances of the company and the drinking companions.
Amount of alcohol decreases, but its consumption is becoming an everyday or observed binges. Develops physical alcohol addiction, which if untreated leads to death.